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Hazmieh Highway, Hazmieh 1067 Center, 3rd Floor

Website: www.highcareclinic.com

+961 5 95 92 99 or +961 70 74 75 76

Opening Hours
Monday till Friday from 9am till 6pm and Saturday from 9am till 1pm

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About Highcare Clinic is a luxurious beauty, skin care and wellness clinic; a getaway destination to health-oriented beauty. Offers a wide variety of face and body aesthetic treatments administered and supervised by a professional, courteous and friendly team.
Areas 330 m2
Men allowed Yes
Number of employees 15
Specialization Dermatologist - Dentist - Nutritionsit - Physical Therapists - Dermo -Specialist.

Body Care
Highcare Clinic Treatment  Minutes 
B.E.A.M: (Bio-Electrical Acceleration Management)
- Circumferential Reduction ( Lose Cms)
- Body Contouring
- Muscle Shaping and Lifting
- Wrinkle smoothing
- Face lifting (muscle stimulation)
- Skin tightening (collagen stimulation)
- Accupoint massage (emphasizing certain points in the body)
- Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic nodes stimulation muscle stimulation)
 Between 30 and 45
VelaSmooth PRO:
- Treats Cellulite and Saggy Skin tissue
- Improves Stretch Marks
- Reduces Localized Fats
- Revives skin texture
- Reduces the orange peel effect and deeply rooted cellulite
 About 45 min
Endermology Treatment (Cellu M6):
- Entails Lymphatic Drainage Massage
- Targets Subcataneous Fat that resists Diet and Exercise
- Reduces the "Orange Peel Effect" and Deeply Rooted Cellulite
- Relaxing massage
- Relieves stress
- Improves blood circulation
 Between 45 and 60
 Relaxing Massage  Between 45 and 60
BodyCare Massage:
 (Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Stress, Slimming and Drainage with Essential Oils). 
 Between 45 and 60
UltraSound System (ML36):
- Remodels and Re-draws your Body Contour
- Sculpts your Body Curves
 Between 30 and 45

Pro Octane:
- Burns Fat as an Effective Cardio Exercise without Exhaustion
- Adapts according to your own Personal Fitness Level 

Power Plate:
- Immediately Improves Blood Circulation
- Increases Muscle Strength and Flexibility
- Develops muscles and joint range of motion
- Reduces cellulite
- Enhances bone mineral density
- Relieves muscle pain and soreness

Between 30 and 60

Between 20 and 30
Physical Therapy
Medical Massage:
Prescribed for Pain Relief, Toning, Stretching and Reflexology

Body Care Massage:
Incorporated with Body Treatments such as Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Stress, Slimming and
Between 15 and 30

Facial Care
Highcare Clinic Treatment 
Revitalizing Eye Treatment:
- Reduces Puffiness and Black Circles
- Soothes and Tones the Skin
- Smoothes Fine Lines and Relaxes Wrinkles  
Skin Whitening Treatment:
- Targets Hyper-Pigmentation and Age Spots
- Includes natural ingredients such as fruit acid extracts and minerals, licorice, watercress, and marshmallows
-  Stimulates Cellular Revival
Marine Spa Treatment:
- Rejuvenates De-hydrated Skin, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
- Improves Blood Circulation of the Skin
- Uses Ingredients Extracted from Sea Weeds and Herbs  
Collagen Treatment:
- Enhances Natural Collagen Production
- Activates the Natural Elastin Fibers Found in the Skin
- Incorporates Different Kinds of Masks Depending on Age and Skin Type 
Lifting Treatment for Face and Bust  
- Boosts skin oxygen levels to revitalize the skin
- Combines aloe vera and marine collagen to firm up and hydrate skin
Natural Skin Peeling Treatment (Bio-Peeling)
- Uses Algae, Pure Natural Herbal Ingredients and Essential Oils
- Balances Oily Skin, Reduces Acne Scars and Dilated Pores
- Reduces Hyper-Pigmentation, Age Spots and Sagging Wrinkled Skin
- Improves the Blood Circulation in the Skin which Stimulates Cellular Renewal and Rejuvenates the Skin 
Diamond Microdermabrasion: (Peeling and Exfoliation for the Skin) 
- Peels and exfoliates the skin through a safe procedure
- Recommended for sun-damaged skin, fine wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, black heads, large pores and acne reduction
Medical Facial:
- Deep Cleaning using Suction Cups
- White & Black head's Removal
- Anti-Sepetic Exfoliation
- Anti-Trace Result 
Mesotherapy SRS (Skin Rejuvenation Solution):
- Enhances Hyaluronic Acid Production (a Natural Skin Hydrating Agent)
- Boosts the Multi Vitamin Complex of the Skin bringing Life and Vitality to Aging Skin
- Improves Skin Structure and Texture
- Alleviates wrinkles and fine lines 

Aesthetic Dermatology

- Chemical Peeling
- Botox
- Dermal Fillers

Laser Hair Removal

- Permanent Hair Removal
- Laser Hair Removal By Diode Laser

Foot Podiatry

- Ingrown Nail & Nail Disorders (Non-surgical techniques)
- Flat Foot Treatment
- High-Arch Foot
- Toe Disorders (Non-surgical techniques)
- Diabetic Foot
- Posture Evaluation & Therapy
- Reflexology
- Solarium
- Teeth Whitening

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