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What is Beauty?

In this day and age, Beauty is no longer an ethereal thing. It has become a business, a motivation and an aspiration. The past century has seen an emergence of new beauty concepts and technologies, and innovative procedures targeting a variety of consumers.

We all want to look our best. Women and men alike, we strive to portray our beautiful, vibrant and attractive self. However, we tend to feel that this, or that, part of our face or body can look better. It all has to do with our confidence and therefore the image we send out to the world.

Traditionally, beauty services that were mostly women oriented included beauty salons, institutes or clinics that offered traditional hair styling, make-up services, and later on facials and what not. Today, new services in many forms, offering pioneering beauty concepts, are thriving.

New Beauty concepts these days go a step further. There is a whole series of beautifying facial non-surgical treatments, some by hand and others using machines. Beauty now also encompasses body slimming and contouring techniques. Whatever you think you might need, there is an answer, a treatment, a solution for it somewhere out there.

Start by being honest with yourself when you look in the mirror. Don’t look at yourself from anyone else’s point of view but your own. Does anything bother you with the reflecting image?

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle rhythmic, pumping movement that follows the direction of lymph flow in the skin
Chromotherapy (therapy of coloured light), is a concept that refers to the effects that different coloured light have on your skin tissues
Ultrasound is the sending of micro vibrations at a specific speed and to a certain depth into your skin, sometimes carrying with them
Infrared Therapy applies heat to the body in order to get underneath the fat tissue and increase blood circulation. Improving blood flow
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Highcare Clinic is a luxurious beauty, skin care and wellness clinic; a getaway destination to health-oriented beauty. Offers a wide variety of face and body aesthetic treatments administered and supervised by a professional, courteous and friendly team.
Going to a beauty institute means offering yourself a moment of sheer beauty and sweetness where aesthetic enhancement certainly influences the psychological better being. Le Rodin institute believes in putting at your disposal the latest care methods and the best beauty techniques in order to offer...
Important interactions exist between the physical and moral aspects in each person. “A state of well being radiates from inside out and vice versa.” Discover yours at MAAC – where nurturing , caring people offer you that rare combination of privacy luxury and professionalism. MAAC: a place that ...
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