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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is one of the oldest disciplines in Surgery and in Medicine in General. Papers about nose reconstruction and wound healing appear as early as the pharaohs in Egypt and the early Indian history. This specialty deals with both correction of birth associated and acquired deformities in addition to improvement on the shape or contour of normal body areas.

The Lebanese Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (LSPRAS) is the only body in Lebanon that represents the specialty. Its members are well positioned and trained to deal with the different areas of the specialty with up-to-date and state-of-the-art techniques and they maintain a leading role not only in Lebanon but also in the region. The society ensures that its members are fully trained in the specialty and encourages and offers yearly conferences and updates to its members as part of the continuous medical education. The efforts of the society have been recognized internationally by the European Association for Societies of Plastic Surgery (EASAPS), the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), and many others. Most recently, the LSPRAS has been very influential in establishing contacts between all plastic surgeons of Lebanese descent that lead to the creation of their association.

The LSPRAS also ensures the ethical conduct of its members in collaboration with the Lebanese Order of Physicians. It also took the responsibility of education and public awareness through the media and magazines and initiated the publication of a quarterly news letter that discusses one topic each issue. The society is well aware of the laws forbidding advertising for medical services in Lebanon and its major role is only education and public awareness.

 Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)  Excess fat, belly, weak muscles  2 to 5 hours  one  Permanent  1 to 3 weeks
 Breast Augmentation  Acne scars, areas of hyperpigmentation  1 to 2 hours  one  Permanent  1 to 2 weeks
 Breast Reduction  Large, heavy or disproportionate breasts  2 to 4 hours  one  Permanent  1 to 2 weeks
 Breast Lift  Sagging, badly shaped  2 to 4 hours  one  Long lasting  1 to 2 weeks
 Otoplasty Ear Surgery  Acne scars, areas of hyperpigmentation  2 to 3 hours  one  Permanent  5 days
 Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)  wrinkled, droopy, fat upper lids or baggy and puffy under eyes  1 to 3 hours  one  Long lasting  around 10 days
 Facelift  Saggy skin, deep lines, saggy low eyebrows  2 to 3 hours  one  Long lasting  Around 2 weeks
 Gynecomastia  Enlarged male breasts  2 hours  one  Permanent  1 week
 Rhinoplasty  Nose too large, long, wide or with a bone  1 to 2 hours  one  Permanent  1 to 2 weeks
 Liposuction  Normal weight with fat deposit in certain areas  1 to 2 hours  one  Permanent  1 to 2 weeks
 Neck Lift  Flabby, cubby, loose skin  1 hour  one  Long lasting  4 to 6 weeks
 Body Contouring  Loose or sagging skin  3 to 4 hours  one  Long lasting  1 to 2 weeks
 Brow Lift  Deep wrinkles, folds, furrow lines  1 to 2 hours  one  Long lasting  10 days

 Botox  Fine wrinkles in the frown lines, forehead and lines around eyes   30 minutes  Repeat every 4 to 6 months  4 to 6 months  Immediate
 Chemical Peel  Sun damage or hyperpigmentation  15 minutes  Depends on type of peel from 1 to many  Long lasting  Depends on type of peel
 Dermabrasion  Acne scars, areas of hyperpigmentation  10 minutes to an hour and a half  Multiple sessions  Long lasting  1 o 2 weekst
 Laser Skin Resurfacing  Fair skin, non oily, sun damaged, fine wrinkles around mouth and eyes and acne scars and hyperpigmentation  Half of an hour to 2 hours  One or more depending on skin type and laser  Long lasting  A few days to 2 weeks
 Laser Treatment for Leg Veins  Small veins  Half of an hour to 1 hour  Multiple sessions  Temporary  Immediate
 Microdermabrasion  Lines, age spots, acne scars  Half of an hour to 1 hour  Multiple sessions  Temporary  Immediate
 Sclerotherapy  Spider veins  Half of an hour to 1 hour  3 to 4 treatment injections  Temporary  Immediate
 Injectable Fillers  Scars or deep wrinkles  10 to 15 minutes  Several  Temporary  Immediate
 Lip Augmentation  Thin lips  1 Hour  one  Temporary  Immediate

Slack skin may appear after substantial weight loss or surgery, saggy skin that doesn’t conform to the body’s curves should
Also called breast enlargement. This surgery entails using breast implants to grant a fuller look to the breast or restore breast volume
This type of surgery is made in order to raise the breast to its proper position. This is done by removing the excess skin and firm
Breast reduction surgery is implemented so that excess fat, glandular tissues and skin is removed to grant the person a healthy
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