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  • When going to a Spa, plan ahead of time and make sure you arrive at least 15 to 10 minutes before your appointment. A close call is no call at all and it only serves to stress you out. If you cannot keep your appointment, call ahead of time and cancel. You will be greatly appreciated and remembered.
  • For massages and body treatments, you are usually required to undress completely. You will either put on a medical robe or be covered by a sheet. Only the areas treated are exposed.
  • The therapist is there to give you the treatment you need. Never be shy in complaining, and always if you feel any pain.
  • Even if the therapist is talkative, try not to get into a full fledged conversation, and definitely, do not talk about your problems or your hectic life. You will undo all the good work and stress yourself out.
  • Do not take your children with you unless the spa has a special kids’ play area. You might also consider turning your cell phone off so as not to be disturbed. At most keep it on silent, as if you were in a meeting.
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What is a Spa?

The dictionary definition of a spa is a health resort that is located near a natural spring or by the seaside, typically offering thermal or mineral water treatments that improve your health and skin. Today, the term is more widely used to encompass any place that has equipment and facilities for physical exercise and beauty treatments, and usually, water is a major element in the design and treatments offered. Water is the essence of life, and a source of energy, offering rejuvenation for your body and soul.

A Spa is a destination to pamper yourself, nurture and care for your body, and calm your mind, so that you attain an inner balance and learn how to manage stress. It should help you be more fit, teach you how to commune with your inner self and nature, detoxify your body and guide you toward leading a healthier life.

There are spas that you will go to for a specific timely treatment, maybe a massage or a body slimming treatment, for an hour or a day, and there are those that you will go to for a longer curative period, mainly resort type destinations. In either case, a spa is ultimately a place that is supposed to relax and rejuvenate your whole being.

Why do we decide to go to a Spa?

Spas are the destination to aim for when you are looking for a place to:

  • Get your body fit and healthy through physical exercise
  • Get a non-surgical body or facial treatment of any kind
  • Take a break, relax and relieve tension
  • Lose weight and learn how to lead a saner lifestyle
  • Detoxify your mind and body
  • Treat aches and pains

Basically, you are fed up with your routine, you have some health or physical issues that you want to deal with, so why not head straight on to the place that can help you feel and look better.

What are the characteristics to look for in a Spa?

One if the most important thing in a spa is its personnel. They should be friendly and approachable, and they should be able to put you at ease and answer all your queries clearly and precisely.

As for the indoor space of a spa, try to choose one that has a quiet and peaceful environement, with cleanliness as top priority. You can always tell if a place was designed as a spa; equipment are incorporated into the design and fit well in their places. The use of soft soothing colours is important as these, on their own, induce relaxation, and of course, furniture must be comfortable and equipment well maintained.

Since the ultimate goal is relaxation, some spas use water elements and soft music throughout the premises, as water is known for its soothing and relaxing effect.

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